Brothers in Exile Bylaws

These Bylaws are Made by the First 5 and should be enforced in every situation.

1. Members will have one outfit slot accordingly to the dress code.

2. Member's bikes will have one bike be in compliance with the Motorcycle code.

3. No Cheating or Modding. Anyone caught will be kicked from the club in bad standing.

4. No Member will willingly accept modded money. Anyone caught will be busted down to support. Repeat offense will result in getting kicked from the club in bad standing.


5. No Member will use weapons forbidden by the weapons clause.

6. No Member will disgrace the club by being a coward (i.e. Passive mode)

7. No Member will give others attitude and think that he doesn't have to help other members.

8. Brothers shall not fight each other with weapons. Fights between brothers are one-on-one, fists only.

9. Respect is to shown towards all club Members and their personal property.

10. Members must be active within the club. Earning a full patch is no excuse to sit back and relax.

11. Members will be aware and understand that they are a member 24/7. Any action taken reflects on the club itself and it's reputation. Severe punishment is given out to those who disrespect thy club.

Info for Prospects (the basics)

Some information for both prospects and club members, old and new.


Prospecting details

As you may know already, most MC's require prospecting before they accept one as their member. We are no different really, so we put anyone interested through the prospect phase, to get to know them and see how well they fare with us and other MC's alike.

The prospecting period is highly affected by one's activity, and because of that, it may last as long as 3.5 weeks, or as short as 2 weeks. / Alternatively, if you show no activity at all within the first week, you are kicked out.


Requirements for prospects

- Be on Discord (if you were invited to prospect, you were given the Discord link already)

- Acknowledge your seniors and do not even attempt to backtalk or cut someone off

- Follow the club's above posted rules and abide by them

- And most importantly - Show respect (Respect is earned, loyalty rewarded!)

Member qualifications/Prospects


1. Prospects must show a sincere interest in the club and bikes.

2. Prospects must be sponsored by one full member.

3. Sponsor is responsible for the prospect.

4. Sponsor can pull a prospect's rocker at his discretion.

5. Sponsors will only have one prospect at a time.

6. Prospects must do anything another member tells him to do, provided the member has done or is willing to do himself.

7. Prospects will stand behind the club and members.

8. Prospective member's prospecting period is at the discretion of his sponsor and the club. Council shall decide by vote if necessary.

9. Prospects need to be voted into the club and must attend the meeting when receiving his colors.

10. Only the sponsor or an officer may give full colors to a prospect.



When in Rome, do as the Brothers in Exile do.

With these very simple instructions, you should have no problems in completing your prospect phase.


Now we should clarify our ride out formations: (image included below)