Allies of the Club

       The Last Serenity MC. [MCLS]

Friends forever, some of our members founded The Last Serenity back in 2014 on PS3, and now, the two clubs remain friends and allies.



They got our backs, we got theirs.


        Archangels MC. [AAMC]

Friendly from the beginning, they have shown great support of our cause and have been actively helping us survive through all this time. We are proud to call them our allies.

       Infernal Punks MC. [IPMC]

They're a bunch of hella awesome dudes and dudettes and we are fucking glad to have them by our side. 


Heck, even before we finalized our alliance, they did more to help us than some people, and we'd have their back any day!

      Wolves of Steel MC. [WSMC]

They've been great with us even before the divide, and their efforts are what made this friendship exist in the first place and what it will make it last long time.


All the best to them, our new brothers on the blacktop.

Neutral - Friendly

Enemies - Kill on Sight