Dress Code

This is the club's code of dressing whitelist. Read it, study it, apply it.

For every piece of clothing we ask a sensible choice.

Some rules can be tolerated/forbidden depending on the chapter.




-Beanies allowed

-Winter hats allowed

-Flat caps tolerated

-Bandanas tolerated

-Cowboy hats tolerated

-Regular Caps allowed

-Golf hats tolerated (White, gray, Black, Brown, and Dark blue only)

-Head Scarf tolerated

-Military Style beret tolerated if fitting the look

-Fedoras are tolerated.

-Canvass hats and caps tolerated, no fishing hats.

Military caps tolerated (Canvass looking ones, not the High Ranks looking ones)


Avoid colorful crap on the above topic. Beanies worn during cold region drives or during winter. Preferable hair in the wind look, but some headgear allowed.




Preferred hairstyles



-Short Brushed


-Long Hair

-Surfer Dude

-Short Sides Part

-High Slick Sides

-Long Slicked

-Hipster Youth

-Loose Swept Back

-Layered Mod


Tolerated hairstyles

-Close Shave



-Side Parting

-Shorter Cut


-Shaggy Curls

-Undercut Swept Back

-Undercut Swept Side



Natural colors only. No tranny bullshit.




-Dome Helmets

-Open Face Helmets

-Skull Cap Helmets

-Flight Cap

-Combat helmets (Old School looking ones, Olive and plain colors only,)

No spikes or over the top artwork or colors allowed on helmets.


No spikes or over the top artwork or colors allowed on helmets.






-Denim Cut/Jacket (Washed, Indigo, Vintage, Charcoal)

-Biker Jacket (Black, Worn)

-Parkas (Olive, Gray)


Patched variations are reserved for Officers or Loyal members. Worn variations are reserved for members of 2+ months. Newbies are to wear Indigo and Charcoal.
Parkas and Biker Jackets are to be worn in cold regions, during cold weather or in winter.




-White, Gray, Red, Black, Crew with Emblem

-Beige/Khaki with Emblem

-Gray Striped Tshirt

-Western Motorcycles Tshirts (Under Special tops)

-Biker DLC Tshirts

-Tshirts with a non modern and fitting design tolerated and might get argued.


Keep your dresscode rugged and worn. Do your best, or rather yet, worst.


Under Jacket wear


-Shirts are allowed

-Shirts with vest are tolerated. Depending on the look, it could get argued

For shirts color, try to stick to plain colors, unless a stamped one fits the look.



-Roadwork, Classic, Regular, tight jeans.

-Charcoal and black combat fatigues.

-Leather Pants

-Leather worn Arena pants with stitches.

-Green and Sand brown cargo pants

-Khaki, Black heist pants.


Use regular shades of denim/jeans blue. Dark colors and charcoal are tolerated, but avoid complete black.

No camouflage. Avoid modern military style. Single colored fatigues allowed, black to be avoided. Use CEO outfit glitch to get the sand/khaki colored Heist pants.




-Slack, Harness, Laceup, Scruffy and Flight, allowed. Combat boots not allowed.

-Chelsea and Cowboy boots tolerated if covered by pants

-Canvas shoes allowed


No colorful bullshit. Know your limits, this does not need to be explained in great detail. Aim for worn and down to earth kind.




-Glasses: Outlaw goggles, aviator/cop frames, black casual glasses, Enema glasses, retro glasses

-Necklaces: Chains (no hangers, just plain chains)

-Earrings: Hoops, Studs (box like) & skulls.

-Watches: Classic analogue with leather wristbands, Gold and Silver classic looking

-Gloves: Wool, Leather, Fingerless, Full, Driving

-Cuffs: Chains (Chunky, Light, Gear) Gauntlets




As a Support, you're required to wear your Support patch everytime you play with other members, you must represent us 24/7. Being catch not wearing it might suppose a Strike, and too many Strikes will get you kicked.


Patch must be weared on:


-Black, White, Olive, Beige plain Tshirt


-Baseball Tshirt (not any colorfull variation, stick with black, grey and pale colors in general)


-Black, Grey tank tops


-Black, Grey and White regular Hoodies


-Black, Grey and White sleevless Hoodies


-Black, Grey and White Sweat Jacket 


During cold seasons and in game snow season, is required to wear either a regular hoodie or a sweat jacket, specially during in game snow season. 


Warm headgear recommended to.




As a Prospect, you have to do exactly the same thing as when you was a Support, except this time you can wear denim (yaay).


For cuts, you can wear:






Plain ones, not with patches. Same for Denim Jackets.


If during rides it start to rain, jackets allowed are:


-Biker Jacket (Black, Brown)


-Parkas (Olive, Gray)


Worn Biker Jackets reserved for 2 +  months members.*


In general, no bullshit. Everyone is required to read this. Anyone not following the rules will be molotov'd during church.


If you have any questions, ask any officer. Thank you for your time.