Motorcycle Code

This is the club's code of motorcycle whitelist. Read it, study it, apply it.

Bikes will be checked every church. You only get one bike for the official club business. Put your best effort into it, it will be your one and only bike.










-Zombie Chopper

-Zombie Bobber

-Chimera (Grand Senora Chapter)

-Cliffhanger (Sandy Shores Chapter)




-Classic color palette for metallic, gloss or pearlescent.

-Olive drab or sand tan palette for matte.


 Do not go over the top. If your bike looks like it's out of My Little Pony, Tron or any shitty flick, you will be asked to change it.




-All flames are allowed

-Most stripes are allowed

-Ornate Stripe and Stealthy Snake allowed


Do not make your bike into a rat bike for no given reason. Take good thought into the livery choice. Pinstripe outline should be used for 30's style bikes, like the Wolfsbane.
Flames and colorful liveries fit the best on 60's style bikes, like Daemon (or Wolfsbane, if done good).



-Wires, Big Spokes, Bobber, Bobsta, Track Star, Racer, Cartwheel, Futura, Holy Spoke and Romper Racer.

-Solidus and Ice Shield for your own leisure on heavy cruisers.


Rim colors are alloy, black, red or chrome. Whitewalls will be used on 30's bikes or heavy cruisers.
Hotplate back wheel tolerated. Black rims tolerated on ratty looking bikes.



-No xenon lighting.

-No glowing crap.

-No gangsta liveries.

-No modern bikes or modern bike style.


In general, no bullshit. Everyone is required to read this. Anyone not following the rules will have their bikes blown up during church and can be struck on the head with a hammer.


If you have any questions, ask any officer. Thank you for your time.