Weapons Code

There shouldn't be too much to say about this. As an MC crew, we naturally go with a couple of bylaws.

(but these bylaws vary between MC crews, as each has their own vision of them, which we all respect)

Naturally, 1% mentality forbids explosives and heavy weapons. Still, our version includes a couple of things, but we refrain from using them until provoked with the same as freeroam fights are often AR only. 
Also, if you wish to do the cowardly move of riding around on bikes while we have a freeroam 1% fight, expect to be blown off your bike every time until you man up enough to come down and fight.

When it comes to public sessions and randoms with no MC affiliation that also follow no MC rules known to man, then by all means, use equal force.

Realism Weapons Code

This is the club's code of weapon whitelist. Read it, study it, apply it.

(While we do have a 1% rulebook for fights in Freeroam, we are stepping forward to realism for MC related events.)




-Vintage Pistol (Platinum allowed)

-SNS Pistol (Platinum, Etched Wood allowed)

-Heavy Revolver (Platinum allowed)




-Sawn Off (Platinum suggested)

-Double Barrel (Platinum allowed)




-Gusenberg Sweeper (Extended clip)


Misc guns


-Marksman pistol (Platinum allowed)

-Flare Gun


Melee weapons


-Antique Cavalry Dagger

-Switchblade (VIP Variant allowed)

-Pool Cue



-Pipe Wrench




-Jerry Can



-Pipe Bombs


MK II Weapons


With the adition of MK II weapons into GTA Online, we'd like to set our rules and restrictions in stone so there are no questions asked. Every MK II weapon is allowed with the exception of the Marksman MK II 


Armor Piercing, FMJ, Hollow Point, Incendiary, and Explosive rounds are all forbidden. Tracer rounds are tolerated.


As for the Pump MK II, Dragon's breath, Flechette, Steel, and Explosive shells are forbidden.

On the Heavy Sniper MK II, the NVS and Thermal scopes are banned.


Alien weapons.


No..... No.




That should cover the realism side of weapons. Further weapons can be added after discussions. This weapons clause will be handled in our private events and our missions/events will be created with the weapons clause in mind!